Welcome to the world of FishFolk development!

Fish Folk games are Open Source and developed publicly where anybody can contribute or just explore to learn how things work.

The Fish Folk world is a collection of Games that share a common theme. Here we'll provide documentation on how these games are put together and how you can contribute if you're so inclined.

Contributing doesn't just mean writing code either, you can contribute artwork, or even more documentation, too, and we'll attempt to provide guidance on contributing at any level.

Games And Frameworks

Each game is different and may have different standards or techniques required to implement items, add players, etc. In the left sidebar you can find headings containing docs for specific games, with pages for different aspects of the game.

You'll also see a section for Bones. Bones is our work-in-progress game framework that we hope to use as a foundation for our various Fish Folk games. Understanding bones is important to contributing code for games, but not necessary for artists.

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